Monday, January 11, 2016


You tell me,
That I am beautiful,
Not knowing,
That to me,
It ain't a compliment,
It's just a flaw,
You point out,
All too well,
You tell me,
Counts cause it,
Gets me anywhere,
Without lifting a finger,
But oh my dear,
Have you not noticed,
The callus on my hands,
Have you not seen,
The hours on the screen,
You tell me,
I've got the whole world,
In my hands,
Oh my, oh my, oh my,
Too blinded,
By my light,
You fail to see,
It's not the world in my hands,
It's the world that I am,
That will change,
Anything it touches,
If you won't believe,
I am capable,
You better watch out,
Mark my words,
For someday you'd wish,
You where inside the core,
Of my heart,
To be a part,
Of a bigger world,
A bigger mind,
Darling, one like-minded,
As me... Is hard to find.

What you give to me,
Is what you get,
My heart is like a mirror.

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