In fact,
The biggest problem of all,
Was not that she had no man,
It was not that she was single,
She liked to be in alone,
For then all she had to do,
Was find out what is was she wanted,
Without explaining herself,
To anyone or anything,
Yet oddly enough,
The more she loved the be on her own,
The more fond all the man grown,
Weird is was,
How for years when she behaved,
As was demanded,
No one really wanted her,
Not even in a shopping spree,
Yet now she got bought,
As if she where the only thought,
Able to be fantasized about,
As if for years she had been selling herself short,
See the only thing wrong with that,
Is that you can not admit,
You lived to decades in secrets,
Sheltering behind masks and forced smiles,
All she could do was admit,
That now that she started to like herself,
So did the rest of the world,
Imagine what it would be like if she's one day,
Learned to love herself,
She'd be loved to the end of the earth,
See the thing was,
In fact,
Not having a man,
Was not the biggest problem at all,
It's just that no one understands why,
Anyone would prefer to be alone.


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