Monday, January 25, 2016

Back into black

It will be over,
The sound,
Of your range rover,
That I found,
On my drive way,
The snore in it's still,
When we'd run away,
To our Nashville,
A bar some streets up head,
Remember when you said,
We are the thing,
Not just a fling,
Has it been gone?
For I've been waiting,
By the phone,
Light ain't fading,
I'm all alone,
In my bedroom stating,
Your not cold to the bone,
Hear myself telling,
All my friends,
It was not you yelling,
At me, you deserve a second chance,
Not too long now,
You're black mobile,
Will withdrawal,
As my heart fragile,
Shall crawl,
Back into black.

Is it breaking your heart in silence?
For I do not hear the cracks.

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