Sunday, May 31, 2015

The moon.

She stood there laughing,
On solid ground,
I was always wondering,
ow someone like her,
Could be so easily amused,
When her laugh,
Was shining down on me,
As the alcohol started to pour,
And the clock turning,
Ticking forward to four,
I asked myself again,
How is it possible,
She just can't stop,
Laughing, singing and dancing,
So bright as a star,
Yet when I went to,
Go to the toilet,
Brush my teeth,
Put on my sweatshirt,
Go off to sleep,
In the mirror suddenly,
I saw I was the moon,
As I started to shiver,
For I may not be,
The most bright star,
Or the one you want to give away,
Yet my semi light,
The light I have is not to fade,
My shimmering light will always stay,
I heard her singing,
From under my room,
She was laughing,
So I fell asleep,
Easily amused as a fool,
To be discovering,
That her ground was never solid,
It could break rapidly,
Her ground was fragile,
She was dancing on holy ground,
Bound to fall one day,
And as stars fall,
Somehow the moon,
Will stay always,
To light up the night,

She was like the stars, yet I felt like the moon,
Dark and tormented, yet the moon lights up too. 

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The pictures they took,
Are going to be,
The forever look,
Of how we will,
Be rememberd,
Its not only about,
The focus or locus,
Of anything we shot,
Its more about the...
And thats just what you,
Can't see...
So there on it will be,
A forever more party,
Within a dance,
To infinity.

The snap shot has been taken.


Was it honestly,
So strange,
For me to be,
Anything but,

Was it truly,
So strange,
For me to be,
Anything but,

I don't think,
It ever was,
A matter of,
Choice or chance,
I just,
Changed into,
Who I am.

Is there honestly,
Need for an.
Cause I might be,
Something differently?

Cause I wont apologize,
For who I am.

"I've always loved the idea of not being
what people expect me to be"

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Friday, May 29, 2015

White or red?

Glasses of wine,
Were to be drunk,
Became mine,
As I started to think,
About these things,
I can not speak out,
Or up about,
It is not written,
In permanent marker,
Or in black and white,
Despite your promises,
There is nothing,
To be shown for,
I am sitting here,
Sipping my wine,
Swearing your not mine,
Pretenting its all allright,
If only you,
Made it right, 
Here's your chance tonight...

I'll just keep on waiting for you to realise it's your waste,
that keeps us both wasted...

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Red wine paper thoughts

Here I lay,
Alone in my bed,
With slowly,
The voices,
In my mind,
To speak with,
With a glass of wine,
In my hand,
I try to for see,
What tomorrow,
Might be,
But can one ever,
Have a future,
As they live,
In the past,
I miss you,
All of the things,
We could have been,
I am going to miss you,
Here I lay,
Alone in an empty bed,
Where is the beauty,
In dispair I ask myself,
As I take another sip,
Of the wine,
As red as my thoughts,
Bleeding out on paper,
I am feeling,
As a crumbled sky scraper,
Can one ever,
Call the moment,
It is all over,
Cause I sure can not,
Pin point when this,
Will ever occur,
When I will no longer,
Lay broken on my pillow,
With eyes tormented,
Hearts shattered,
And bottles that drip,
As my tears fall alongside,
The blankets warm,
My cold dead soul,
Who could have ever known,
That I felt so much,
As I read another tumblr quote,
Reminding me of you,
Who would have ever,
Been able to tell me in advance,
That I would become so,
Desperate waiting,
For someone to save me,
When whole my life,
I had already learned,
You have to pick yourself up,
I just never thought,
You left me do it alone,
This time,

How can I find, what I can't even imagine?

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Starbucks writer

How I used to roll my eyes,
Whenever I passed by,
Someone in starbucks,
Sitting behind their laptop,
Typing in rythme,
With the relaxating music,
That is playing in the background,
Until just this afternoon,
I got reminded,
That I myself am a,
Starbucks writer,
As well,
I can not pretent,
I am any better,
Nor any worse then they are,
A starbucks writer,
Sitting there in the corner,
Nods his head to me,
As I am sure he sees,
That I am a fellow,
Starbucks writer.

I am a starbucks addict and writer.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stone heart

There you stood,
I heard you stood there,
Trying to talk to me,
Talk into my to try,
Take this back to the start,
They all heard,
You where trying,
But your heart beats slow,
Stone hearts beat slow,
Mine is torn up,
Scarred, damaged,
But still living flesh,
Even if the blood is,
Dripping on my lungs,
Chocking me down,
My heart is not made of stone,
It is not as cold as stone,
Cause stone hearts beat slow,
As yours does,
When your try to,
Make my racing heart,
Race for you again,
But they all heard,
Me telling you to stop trying to,
Turn my heart into stone,
Cause this way,
You ain't never gonna take me home,
With your slow beating heart,
Made of stone...
Stone hearts beat slow...
Oh yes I know,
Stone hearts beat slow...

If your stone heart ever melts, you let me know.
You let me know.

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My name...

Say my name,
Say my name,
Say my name,
When you are alone,
When your home,
Sitting silent still,
In your chair,
When you think,
You no longer care,
If you dare,
Say my name,
Say my name,
Say my name...
Cause honestly,
Darling I don't believe,
That you can,
Say my name,
Without feeling,
What we once shared,
Without asking,
Yourself why?
Without remenicing,
To the thing,
That broke us up,
Go ahead,
Say my name,
Say my name,
Say my name,
Now that you,
Have forgotten hers,
Now that your standing,
Besides me,
When your calling out,
For me,
Say my name,
Say my name,
Say my name,
If you want to be with me,
Won't you,
Say my name,
Say my name...

Remember this, remember when,
You said my name, my name, my name. 

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Tick, Tick, Tick.

The clock keeps on ticking,
You're no longer here,
Your bones will disapear,
Yet the clock keeps on ticking,
The linger you left,
Has been stolen by fresh air,
When the clock keeps on clicking,
Dust to dust and ashes to ashes,
I still see your face in flashes,
Now the clock keeps on ticking,
These things drive me insane,
I can not begin to explain,
Why the clock keeps on ticking,
Its in the asking for reasons,
That I find no peace,
As the clock keeps on ticking,
Is anyone ever save at all?
Or able to be rescued from the fall...
No, the clock keeps on ticking,
Tick, tack, tick, tack, tick, tack.

The clock keeps ticking,
As the universe was dripping,
From the dust in her hair,
On to the universe's somewhere.

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Who we are.

As I was thinking about,
What she had said to me,
I wondered if I had shown,
Too little or too much,
Of any side of me.

I was revolving around,
This one thought of mine,
Saying that if she was curious,
About getting to know,
The real me a little better,
Then maybe,
He was right when he called me,
A mystery.

What if I really where,
A shut thight door,
I might make a whole load of sound,
I might lift your feet from ground,
Even so could I for see,
What it is you want,
What my role should be.

Pherhaps that fitting into a role,
Trying to be as the others,
Is my biggest mistake what so ever,
I keep on failing in the try,
To just go sailing in the stream,
I am one to walk in the opposite direction,
Only to feel for a fraction,
As if I am completely alive.

The fact that there is no kind,
To put me under,
Kind of makes me easily,
One of a kind,
The only thing hard to find,
When your one of kind,
Is someone, any soul at all,
That is like minded.

But we are who we are,
No amount of make-up,
Can cover up what you feel,
No amount of dreaming,
Can make reality unreal,
We are who we are.

Albert Einstein quotes on life. 

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Rebellicious :)

Never had I felt,
As if I belonged,
In a place,
As if I where home,
Yet I did,
She stood by my side,
As she always is,
When I started to smile,
I could not stop,
I had forgotten,
How good it feels,
To do something,
You never did before,
To push limits,
Be rebellious,
Dare to be other,
Then the mainstream,
Revolving around you,
You'll have to be,
Your own,
Centre in the sea.

A little rebellion now and then is a good thing... Agreed?
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Sunday, May 24, 2015


In the dead of the night,
When our beers have turned,
Warmer then our hearts,
As your drunkin ramble starts,
I beg you not to,
This one time,
I ask you polite,
If you might,
Leave it at I miss you,
Cause that is honestly,
All there it is to,
But you can't,
You tell me you need me,
Yet I know, oh I know,
That you need my words,
Cause I see the way you keep on,
Pouring in drinks that are stonger then you,
It's like you hope the stenght,
Will rubb of on you,
You feel as another brick in the wall,
So you want me,
To paint you,
Make you as jolly,
As the way you laugh,
When were together jolly,
But darling,
In the dead of the night,
When she glasses have been turned,
All of your bridges have been burned,
Do you really expect,
Me to for see you,
Of an advice on what to do?
Live how you want, do what you aught,
Just don't pull me under to get caught,
I want someone free,
One just alone for me,
I want you all in,
Or not even a begin...
That the only thing,
I go begging for,
In or out the door?
I am dying for you to stop trying,
Win me over...
To the dead of the night,
Thinking I might save you,
But I won't, I'm not even trying to.

you don't live, you died, and now you try, to ask me,
to die as well, your dying, your dying, but I am not trying to save you.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015


How could I not love you?
When you where a rhyme,
And I am a poet.

How could I not love you?
When you where a song,
And I am a lyricsist.

How could I not love you?
When you where an unspoken,
And I a writer.

How could I not love you?
I am a poet,
And you my love,
Are a living, breathing metaphor,
A paradox inside a box,
How could I not love you?

How could you not love me?
When I was a mystery,
And you a solver.

Hoe could you not love me?
When I am a puzzle,
And you love a challenge.

How could we not love the other?
When it was not even a bother,
To find love in a hopeless moment,
We are to be loved when we ourself can't,
So we lend out of love...

How could we not?
How were we ever able not to?
When we were to be found,
By an beworded bound.

If you don't, then how? how?

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Have you never thought,
Just one single time,
That I might be,
Better off,
Without you?

Have you never wondered,
Just for one single second,
That I might see,
Much wider,
Without you?

Have you never considered?
Just for one single shiver,
That I might be,
Living louder,
Without you?

Have you never thought,
Just one single time,
That he might feel,
More mine,
Then you?

If you have,
Then why are you,
Still bothering,
To bother me?

Maybe we should just ignore each other for the sake
of happiness. 

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I was trying to concentrate,
But I kept on,
That night we met,
How could I forget,
This moment we shared,
I was so unfocused,
That I just didnt saw,
How much I was drawn,
To be with you,
But now that I have found,
That clue,
I dont even know,
Why I was looking,
For something to fix my heart,
When you turn out to be,

You're like glue for my soul, you make me whole.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


When you feel,
Sick inside,
When you want to hide,
Under the covers,
When your in pain,
All you want,
Is to complain,
When your scared,
Lonely in a hospital bed,
But your to tired,
To be sad,
When you want to scream,
But your to numb,
To be mad,
When you keep forgetting,
What the doctor told,
What you should be letting,
Work in on you,
Tell me don't you,
Want comic relief too?
Won't you long for a Red Nose?
That makes you for a minute,
Forget all the tears been shred,
That for a moment,
Plays peek-a-boo with,
Your laugh.

Donate for Red Nose Day! :)

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Love alone.

As I sat down,
I started to talk,
Feeling as if,
I was red and shaking,
Hoping they wouldn't see,
What it did to me,
Yet as I started talking,
About the writing,
This one true love of mine,
All they could see was,
My smile,
Not my nerves,
Nor my stutter,
Only and alone,
My love for it as whole,
Maybe that's what happens,
As well when we,
Fall in love with a person,
We don't see any of these,
Little interruptions anymore,
Just the love,
The love alone.

Maybe that's what happens, you see alone and only the love.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Before you reply.

Before you reply,
Think of the reasons why,
And why not,
Cause darling,
I've loved before,
I've been broken before,
I'll tell you this,
Girls like me,
We're not easy,
You don't get my love,
For free,
But once you get,
To all of that,
Better watch out,
Not to think it's,
All you ever dreamed about,
Even the light,
Gets black some days,
Even an artist,
Sometimes fades,
Even colour,
Sometimes shifts,
When energy drifts,
When you no longer recognize me,
Would you still wanne be,
With this girl here?
Think a second,
About that my dear,
Before you reply.

You said you wanted to know me,
Are you sure?
Cause: first of all, you don't even know me,
And second of all, you don't even know me...

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Monday, May 18, 2015

It was never the heart.

It is never the heart,
It was never the heart,
Nor will it ever be the heart,
That makes this part,
So devestatingly hard,
The letting go,
Does not occur,
Is not processed,
Nor recollected,
In our hearts,
I don't know,
Who ever came up,
With the feeling that,
They thought in fact,
It did.

Cause it doesn't.

It is never the heart,
It was never the heart,
Nor will it ever be the heart,
That makes moments into memories,
That attains them and locks it,
Inside the guts of our brain,
That keeps reminding us,
That this morning,
We have not or did we remember him yet?

It is always the brain,
It was always the brain,
It will always be the brain,
That keeps the body in pain,
The mind is so powerful,
It demands us to feel, expirience,
The lost,
It reminds us we need to feel,
In our hearts,
To be able to process,
And work trough all the emotions,
Moments, memories, dates,
The scent of his smell,
In order to forget about,

It is never the heart,
It was never the heart,
Nor will it ever be the heart,
That hurts the most,
It's the mind that wants to keep tabs on it's gaps,
It's the mind that misses whats lost,
It was always the mind,
It is always the mind,
That hurts the most.

How could it have ever been anything else then the mind?

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Heart shaped box of paradoxes

He said,
He wanted to,
Figure me out,
Understand me,
Puzzle me,
As he kept on,
Asking questions,
Trying to get answers,
I am sure,
He only got more questions,
Cause that the effect,
I have on people,
I am a heart shaped box,
Filled with paradoxes,
I am way too deep,
Yet too pale as well,
I am excuisetly timide,
In the loudest way,
I never give a care,
On the opinion of another,
Yet when they dare,
To share with me,
I will care it trough the night...
A box with paradoxes,
If I ever even was,
A box at all.

Rarely do I ever have a thought by itself.
I am a heart shaped box with paradoxes.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015


As we where standing,
Almost pressed against,
The wall with our backs,
I found that leaning,
You trying to clear,
Whilst I was fearing,
Was not the way,
To tell you,
How I feel about you,
You just said,
Like that,
"I think we got off,
To a bad start",
That you took it,
By heart,
An wanted to restart,
That particular part,
For so now,
The part I will play,
What ever you say,
Cause not what if,
What if you would ask,
And I was willing?
What if I was willing?

What if this pART was willing?

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Backing up

Trying to cry,
Left me with nothing,
No tears to cry,
On these wasted years,
No fears to fight,
On the spotlight,
Just a whatever,
On who ever you choose,
Cause darling,
Thats the difference,
Between you and me,
I know you,
Like the back of my hand,
I know what you do,
When, why, at the second,
I could say in advance,
What you will be doing,
Saying and thinking,
And you dont,
Not for you, 
Let along for me,
And thats the difference,
Between you and me,
I dont have to sleep,
Or close my eyes,
To dream,
Cause darling,
Everything is always lies,
Accept of regret,
But never forget,
Its not an option,
You know it too,
Dont you?! 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Million things.

I could say a million things,
But not when your in this state of mind,
Not when hearing and listening,
Are hard too find.

I could have done a million things,
But not when you won't do it either,
When all you want is to be the feeder,
Of my love once warm.

I could have had a million things,
To add to our memory list,
If you had not given me this emotional fist,
Yet you did.

There are a million things I could do,
But you got your way,
I still stay,
Here thinking of you.

And even if you where a book, I could still write a book
on how this hurts.

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We Where There

We did,
Oh how we did,
Have a night like this,
Once a fair shared kiss,
Not one with a dark,
Bitter taste,
But that one sweet,
With grace,
I loved what was,
When I know,
We did,
Oh how we did,
End things at different terms,
Not to be ment,
To be messed with,
Yet here we are,
Soaked in so deep,
I feel like eyes are watching,
So close the creep,
When you just weep and weep,
We did,
Oh how we did,
Try to steer this in a different direction,
But the reactions,
Where not as we intended,
So random and rare,
The second we shared a care,
You looked strait and fair,
But tell me where we really there?
We where,
Oh how we did,
Where there.

And that's the hardest part of it...

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Midnight bubble wrap

I ask myself tonight,
What tomorrow will bring?
I wonder,
If you wonder,
As much as do I,
Have you ever,
Given my the try,
To have a change,
To get over these things,
All that you told me to,
Everything you wanted to do,
Bubble wrapped plans,
That never got a change,
To bloom either,
Never got unboxed,
Just hidden somewhere,
Behind grey dusty covers,
Nowhere near today's lovers,
Let along tomorrow's,
Leaving me with tears to dry,
For one hell of a load of,

Let's take a midnight walk tonight again?

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Crap a diem.

I can't ease my mind,
Somehow I can not find,
The peace I used to place,
In the restless part,
Of my pounding heart,
I can not put the pieces,
Back together,
I can't even try,
All of last year,
I made a mosaic,
From the shattered pieces,
Of my heart and glue,
Just one look from you,
And my creation,
Fell apart once again,
I can not resist,
Even when I know,
Nothing ever happens,
Nothing could ever,
Change the way,
We took,
Different directions...
I can't ease my mind,
Somehow I can not find,
The peace that I used to place,
In between the pieces of my broken heart.

I know it's crap, but it's my crap. 

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She looked as art,
They way her back,
Hung against the wall,
Her hair,
Half slit back,
Half loose curls,
Messy and shining,
Black shirt, pants and shoes,
So poetic,
Just as her talk,
Always deep,
She never left you,
When she talked to you,
You got thinking,
You felt something,
And for days,
It wouldn't let you go,
She looked as art,
I could never,
Understand her,
I know I never will,
But I do feel her,
Oh how I feel for her...

She's like art, I could never understand her, but she made me feel.
Oh how I felt for her...

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Holding on to what's holding you back.

You always liked that,
Something odd in someone,
A trait that differs them,
From different.

You always had a thing,
For girls like me,
Who are determined not to be,
Anything plain.

You somehow had to get,
Something pure and unique,
Always wanting to have,
What you want to be yourself.

You always looked for all,
The beauty, the grand,
In others, in your lovers,
When darling...

It was you all along,
That can get out of this place,
The one that is not made,
To put up with his faith.

Don't waste your life,
Hiding your strive,
Don't waste your life,
Holding on to what's holding you back,
Just because it's what your used to.

Go to Tokyo, New York, London, whatever, you'll just...
Have go get out of here. 

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Middle name

He talked to me,
I think hardly for ten minutes or so,
Yet is felt like hours,
Time appears to stand still,
Whem he's around me,
I just hope he does not see,
What I long for him to see,
Cause he can't be my numer one baby,
Nor can I give this a try,
For we are bound solely by similair thoughts,
As if the thought of thoughts,
Couold force a choice so fierce,
For us to break a piece,
In someone else's heart,
Just to see if there could be a start,
Of something right here,
It would be foolish my dear,
But if you want to play a game,
With stakes high and wins low,
You let me know,
Foolish is my middle name,
And love is ever efford worth game,
He talked to me,
I think hardly for ten minutes or so,
Yet I know... I know...

Love's a game, wanne play?

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Mommy mine.

When I was just a little girl,
One day out of the blue,
I said to you that,
"If all the mommy's in this world,
Would form a line,
I was to choose who ever,
You'd still be mine.."
Lately, I know,
That I dont always show,
Or share, how much for you,
I honestly care,
Our words are filled,
With snide comments,
Get the other grilled,
I'm sorry mom,
Cause I really do know I've won,
One hell of a prize,
When I looked into your eyes,
For the fist time,
So today again,
I'll tell you as I said before,
I would choose you forever more.

I love you to the moon and back,
And if I could I'd hold it for you.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

I didn't knew yet.

When we were dancing,
Tangled up inside my kitchen,
You were drunk,
I was giggly, 
We laughed until 3:30 a.m,
You took my hand,
Made me step up on your feet,
And we danced,
In the middle of the night,
You gave me a chocolate kiss,
Oh do I reminisce,
Of that kitchen light,
Shining on your face.

You there at the ATM,
When I sat in your car,
The windows where rolled down,
For it was so warm,
The radio was on,
But you where telling a story,
You started it when we got in,
Yet now you where four feet,
Away from me,
Moving your lips,
Shaking your head,
Tingling your curls,
Smiling as an idiot with,
The most weird hand guisturs,
I wanted to tell you I couldn't hear,
But you looked so beautiful,
I didn't wanted you to stop,
When you got to the car again,
You said to me,
"Can you believe that?"
And I replied with,
"Can you believe what?"
"Well that he did that of course,
If you didn't heard my story,
What are you laughing about?"
I didn't answer then,
But If I where to do it again,
I told you,
"I laughed for I never had the privilige,
To look at such beautiful view before,
I have been happier as right here and now."

The morning after when we woke,
You had to go and I was scared to tell you,
That I didn't want you to leave,
I was so afraid that if you'd saw me that night,
Again, you would reject me,
But I was a few meters away,
I could see that you tried to sign at me,
I didn't have the guts to respond,
And when I acted like I did not saw you,
I could feel my phone buzzing,
I froze I didn't know if I should look,
I assumed you where mad at me,
Yet suddenly, 
I could feel your arms hugging me from behind,
And you had walked around an hour,
Just to find, me,
You gave me a kiss on my  forehead,
Ang held me there, close,
In plain sight,
All your friends, everyone we know,
You wanted them to see,
And I was so proud, I felt so loved and save.

You came over that day,
or I came to you,
Something like that,
We had different plans for that night,
I was off with the girls,
And you where partying with mates,
Around 2:30 you asked me if we,
Could meet up after,
But I couldn't,
I figured you where drunk,
Fooling with me,
But then in the morning,
As I woke,
I saw the 4 a.m. messages saying,
You wanted to see me,
That you liked me,
You wanted to kiss me again,
I didn't open them,
I had no answer, 
What if it where only alcohol speaking,
Yet around 9 a.m. my phone went off again,
It was you again saying,
I'm sorry for the stalking, 
But I know what I was trying to say last night,
I know what I want,
I want you, more and more,
Come with me tonight if you have no plans,
You wanted me to meet your family,
I had never met anyone,
Who wanted to make me part of something,
So much as you did. 

I had the worst dream ever,
You slept already,
On my side of the bed of course,
I was trying not to cry,
But I could feel tears,
Starting to fall down,
My pillow got wet,
But I made no sound,
I did not moved,
I was scared to wake you up,
I had no explaination for myself,
Just in that moment you turned,
Inside your dream,
Laid your arms around me,
Pulled me in closer,
And mumble half awake and half asleep,
"Come here you",
I could feel your breathing,
Hear your heartbeat,
The sounds of your sleeping,
The warmth of your body heating mine,
And I fell to sleep,
For the first time in for ever,
I did not have a nightmare,
I dreamed of you. 

Five moments in which at the time,
I had not idea of yet,
How important to me,
They would be,
Five moments inn which at the time,
I didn't knew yet,
That I loved you.

If only I knew.

We should've gone there together, just like we said,
on our last night.

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Fall for me

No longer in a treadmill love,
I ask myself,
What will I do next,
Never had I gotten,
So many spare time before,
No more revolving over conversations,
No longer thinking about what you think,
I am Wondering what to do,
With the time I now save on you,
Maybe I'll go dancing,
I always wanted to try that,
Or paint, or read,
Something that keeps me,
On my feet,
I've been swepped away enough,
I can't even say,
Wheter I had any say in at all,
Now that I have gotten,
Every choice to myself,
I have decided to,
Fall in love with myself before,
I start to look once again for more...
I'm going to fall for someone special,
Love her with my whole heart,
I will love myself,
Every single part.

I will explore in order to find myself, and fall head over heels, for me.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I loved him, Mom.

"I loved him, Mom.."
"Oh, Honey you don't know anything bout love,
The two of you where just two kids.."
"No, I loved him, Mom...
I might not know exactly what love is,
But I know,
Love does not hurt on purpose,
Love lays you down easy,
Love never asks you to sacrifice,
Yourself, believes, dreams,
It does not steal you of your time,
It wishes for you to be fine,
It longs to make you mine,
Yet still love would let you go,
If love only knows,
That you'll be happier,
Love is not endless fighting,
It is endless reigniting,
Love is not screaming at you,
It's dreaming about you,
Love does not wear you down,
It keeps it heart on it's sleeve,
It longs to be near,
Love is to hear without asking,
Love is when he leaves me gasping,
For air when he goes,
Not walking on toes,
Love is not what we make of it as we grow,
Love is something we all know,
It is not to be learned,
It is to be earned,
Don't you tell me I don't know,
What love is,
When love is the reason,
We are all born..."

I love you, idiot! XOXO

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Think a little less...

As I was floating above the crowd,
I was only wondering,
What you where thinking about,
I had absolutely no idea,
But I could see, that the freedom you claimed,
To have found lately,
was definitely not so free,
As you once used to be,
I thought of asking you,
But you shut inside yourself,
Even before I tried,
Although darling we all see,
When you cry, 
We all see that you,
Are not yourself lately,
You are no longer the girl,
You once where,
And the thing is,
You don't miss him,
You don't miss us or home,
You miss someone so well known,
Darling, darling, the alarm bells ring,
Cause I think you begin,
To miss yourself. 

Oh honey, think a little less, live a little more...

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World of hurt.

May 4th,
Lest we forget,
But forgetting so it seems,
Comes closer everyday,
It's just two minutes away,
Less then a generation left,
Before the survivors of war,
Will be gone by far,
There will be no life's,
To tell,
About the five year hell,
Raging through our land,
Unable to understand,
How these things come to term,
If they ever can,
I don't think I've ever,
Thought of the words...
"World of hurt",
As a world of hurt before,
But it was,
A war that kept,
Each and everyone here,
On this world my dear,
Living in a...
World of hurt.
May 4th,
Lest we forget.

May 4th its a world of hurt. 

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My could

I stood there in the corner,
As if I where some wall flower,
Someone to forget,
Someone who is sad,
But I was not,
I was trying to tell you,
About all these exciting,
New things,
But you where hearing,
Not listening,
I told you good,
You made it into should,
So I for once took my could,
Cause when I want to,
I can tell you,
That I am going home,
That I am not having this converstation,
I can tell you, no thank you,
If that's what I want to do,
I didn't fully,
But at least I was not so sully,
As to be the last two outside,
With you alone,
Cause I was getting gone,
Just as you once,
Left our plans.

I hope we are,
But if we don't,
At least know,
That I loved our here and now.

Friday, May 1, 2015


To be heard,
In a world,
That keeps,
Screaming for,
For an ear,
For someone,
To talk to,
Without saying,
Something in return,
Just listen,
Take it in,
As if they're reading,
Silent and kind,
Like you longed,
All day for,
This minute,
Is a rare thing,
Hundred mile an hour life,
Facebook ringing for attention,
Calls keep on calling,
You don't only hear,
You also heard me,
Thank you,
So much,
It means more to me,
Tell you will ever know,
I could write on and on,
Up until 1:30 tonight,
So you might,
Listen when I read you this,
As well.

Thank you, poem on my dearest Grandma.
Thanks for always being there for me.

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I'm at fault.

Should I point,
Anyone at fault,
For our misery,
It would be myself,
I would point out me,
You can say,
you had just as much,
Of a share in this,
In breaking our hearts,
I could leave the argue,
But the truth is,
That we should've,
Broken up forever,
And by saying too you,
That I'd understood,
And we would see,
Whatever the future would be,
Whatever it would bring,
For you and me,
I kind of left us,
Somewhere in the middle,
The mid of all,
The things we where,
We could have been,
We where out to be,
But never truly was...
I left us floating,
When what we needed,
Was standing,
Wether it was for ourselves,
Or to fight for what we had,
What we might still share,
We needed clarity,
I made it complicated,
I am so sorry,
For breaking our hearts,
All over again,
You already did.

I wanted to travel the world with you,
Now, I travel alone.

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Fling from reality

Last night,
I got caught up,
By what if's,
If only's and,
If I could turn back's,
But the truth,
I seem to find,
In every separation,
Or fling flown from,
Is that even if I could,
If we could turn back,
After all this time,
We're different now,
Then we where then,
So if all could be relived,
I wonder,
If we even when staying clear,
From past mistakes,
Have any possibility of getting,
Where ever that might be,

Don't wake me up...

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