I didn't knew yet.

When we were dancing,
Tangled up inside my kitchen,
You were drunk,
I was giggly, 
We laughed until 3:30 a.m,
You took my hand,
Made me step up on your feet,
And we danced,
In the middle of the night,
You gave me a chocolate kiss,
Oh do I reminisce,
Of that kitchen light,
Shining on your face.

You there at the ATM,
When I sat in your car,
The windows where rolled down,
For it was so warm,
The radio was on,
But you where telling a story,
You started it when we got in,
Yet now you where four feet,
Away from me,
Moving your lips,
Shaking your head,
Tingling your curls,
Smiling as an idiot with,
The most weird hand guisturs,
I wanted to tell you I couldn't hear,
But you looked so beautiful,
I didn't wanted you to stop,
When you got to the car again,
You said to me,
"Can you believe that?"
And I replied with,
"Can you believe what?"
"Well that he did that of course,
If you didn't heard my story,
What are you laughing about?"
I didn't answer then,
But If I where to do it again,
I told you,
"I laughed for I never had the privilige,
To look at such beautiful view before,
I have been happier as right here and now."

The morning after when we woke,
You had to go and I was scared to tell you,
That I didn't want you to leave,
I was so afraid that if you'd saw me that night,
Again, you would reject me,
But I was a few meters away,
I could see that you tried to sign at me,
I didn't have the guts to respond,
And when I acted like I did not saw you,
I could feel my phone buzzing,
I froze I didn't know if I should look,
I assumed you where mad at me,
Yet suddenly, 
I could feel your arms hugging me from behind,
And you had walked around an hour,
Just to find, me,
You gave me a kiss on my  forehead,
Ang held me there, close,
In plain sight,
All your friends, everyone we know,
You wanted them to see,
And I was so proud, I felt so loved and save.

You came over that day,
or I came to you,
Something like that,
We had different plans for that night,
I was off with the girls,
And you where partying with mates,
Around 2:30 you asked me if we,
Could meet up after,
But I couldn't,
I figured you where drunk,
Fooling with me,
But then in the morning,
As I woke,
I saw the 4 a.m. messages saying,
You wanted to see me,
That you liked me,
You wanted to kiss me again,
I didn't open them,
I had no answer, 
What if it where only alcohol speaking,
Yet around 9 a.m. my phone went off again,
It was you again saying,
I'm sorry for the stalking, 
But I know what I was trying to say last night,
I know what I want,
I want you, more and more,
Come with me tonight if you have no plans,
You wanted me to meet your family,
I had never met anyone,
Who wanted to make me part of something,
So much as you did. 

I had the worst dream ever,
You slept already,
On my side of the bed of course,
I was trying not to cry,
But I could feel tears,
Starting to fall down,
My pillow got wet,
But I made no sound,
I did not moved,
I was scared to wake you up,
I had no explaination for myself,
Just in that moment you turned,
Inside your dream,
Laid your arms around me,
Pulled me in closer,
And mumble half awake and half asleep,
"Come here you",
I could feel your breathing,
Hear your heartbeat,
The sounds of your sleeping,
The warmth of your body heating mine,
And I fell to sleep,
For the first time in for ever,
I did not have a nightmare,
I dreamed of you. 

Five moments in which at the time,
I had not idea of yet,
How important to me,
They would be,
Five moments inn which at the time,
I didn't knew yet,
That I loved you.

If only I knew.

We should've gone there together, just like we said,
on our last night.

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