We Where There

We did,
Oh how we did,
Have a night like this,
Once a fair shared kiss,
Not one with a dark,
Bitter taste,
But that one sweet,
With grace,
I loved what was,
When I know,
We did,
Oh how we did,
End things at different terms,
Not to be ment,
To be messed with,
Yet here we are,
Soaked in so deep,
I feel like eyes are watching,
So close the creep,
When you just weep and weep,
We did,
Oh how we did,
Try to steer this in a different direction,
But the reactions,
Where not as we intended,
So random and rare,
The second we shared a care,
You looked strait and fair,
But tell me where we really there?
We where,
Oh how we did,
Where there.

And that's the hardest part of it...

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