I loved him, Mom.

"I loved him, Mom.."
"Oh, Honey you don't know anything bout love,
The two of you where just two kids.."
"No, I loved him, Mom...
I might not know exactly what love is,
But I know,
Love does not hurt on purpose,
Love lays you down easy,
Love never asks you to sacrifice,
Yourself, believes, dreams,
It does not steal you of your time,
It wishes for you to be fine,
It longs to make you mine,
Yet still love would let you go,
If love only knows,
That you'll be happier,
Love is not endless fighting,
It is endless reigniting,
Love is not screaming at you,
It's dreaming about you,
Love does not wear you down,
It keeps it heart on it's sleeve,
It longs to be near,
Love is to hear without asking,
Love is when he leaves me gasping,
For air when he goes,
Not walking on toes,
Love is not what we make of it as we grow,
Love is something we all know,
It is not to be learned,
It is to be earned,
Don't you tell me I don't know,
What love is,
When love is the reason,
We are all born..."

I love you, idiot! XOXO

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