My could

I stood there in the corner,
As if I where some wall flower,
Someone to forget,
Someone who is sad,
But I was not,
I was trying to tell you,
About all these exciting,
New things,
But you where hearing,
Not listening,
I told you good,
You made it into should,
So I for once took my could,
Cause when I want to,
I can tell you,
That I am going home,
That I am not having this converstation,
I can tell you, no thank you,
If that's what I want to do,
I didn't fully,
But at least I was not so sully,
As to be the last two outside,
With you alone,
Cause I was getting gone,
Just as you once,
Left our plans.

I hope we are,
But if we don't,
At least know,
That I loved our here and now.


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