To be heard,
In a world,
That keeps,
Screaming for,
For an ear,
For someone,
To talk to,
Without saying,
Something in return,
Just listen,
Take it in,
As if they're reading,
Silent and kind,
Like you longed,
All day for,
This minute,
Is a rare thing,
Hundred mile an hour life,
Facebook ringing for attention,
Calls keep on calling,
You don't only hear,
You also heard me,
Thank you,
So much,
It means more to me,
Tell you will ever know,
I could write on and on,
Up until 1:30 tonight,
So you might,
Listen when I read you this,
As well.

Thank you, poem on my dearest Grandma.
Thanks for always being there for me.

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