Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Put in reverse

That's wat we all want,
I used to just make friends so easily,
Did not know what it was to judge,
I used to laugh so easily,
Did not know what it was to grief,
I used to be completely free,
Now I am put to place without chains,
It's just how our life's seem to be,
You can only wish that in you're dream,
Or maybe in you're memories,
You can travel back,
Turn around, Reverse,
To the times of before,
When we where child's,
All laughing out loud,
Running wild and free,
Forgetting pain so easily,
Tell me now,
Can you see, 
How our life came to be?
Grown up so suddenly,
Take me back to when I was still me,
Still me...


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gallery life's

I'm putting polaroids,
On this cold white wall,
The black and white,
Feels like a gallery,
The smoke lingers on the walls,
Where do we go?
When we lost and need,
To find a place to be found?
Where do you go?
When you're no where bound?
Where do you lay down,
When history haunts?
When even in you're sleep you're not safe,
From the memories of devastation,
From the voice inside you're own soul,
Tell me dear where did you go?
Where did you find a piece of mind...
I couldn't wait for the answer,
The first ray of sunlight,
I just took my keys and drove,
Drove all day,
On this unknown way,
Till I got drown to a house,
That I now call,
My own, my home...

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My second love, goodbye.

There where not much differences between my first and my second love,
Beginning to end, it seems like almost everything was planned,
Accept for this one little tiny difference,
He looked at me three times when he walked away,
The first time he would look once he was at the end of the driveway,
The second time he would smile with his eyes,
I was still looking even after goodbye,
Even when he had passed the second house of the street,
And the third, the last time,
He would laugh out loud and I would blow him one last kiss,
There just before the street that has and dead end,
Yet we never had a dead end,
Our end was just like our goodbye's,
Never the last one,
Three more strikes to go,
Laughs and kisses still on the horizon,
So go on, say goodbye,
Give me one last wave,
Before goodbye comes back around...

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


All these nights awake,
All these hours passed by,
Waiting lonely,
The messages not send,
The typing came to an end,
Why does it is so hard,
To make us last?
I watched as you,
Broke down yourself,
The man became a boy,
Trying to stay friends,
Yet that is just cliche,
Don't you think,
You'll only stay talking,
If you never cared,
Or if it is not yet,
If you not can let go yet...

I thought I could never have feelings for you...

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Life lane

Each and every life has its own way,
A certain path thats laid out ahead,
Wheter you follow it or not,
There are a number of steps you take,
And in life these steps will make,

Each and every life has its own way,
Some get off path other follow quietly,
Whatever choices you've made for yours,
My believes say, 
That the road was heavy or rough sometimes,
No light, no guidelines,
It makes you, you...

In life it is not about the destination,
In each and every life it is about the steps, the climb, the road...

its funny how day by dat nothing changes, but when you look back...
everything is different.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Everything had changed

I lost myself,
About eight days ago,
Found myself,
Part of it,
Six days ago,
His eyes met mine,
All at once,
The only thing I knew,
Was nothing,
As it was before,
All had changed,
Moved their place,
The world had gained,
And now all I know,
Ever since late am,
Since yesterday,
Is that now,
Has changed...
I found myself,
In the beauty,
Of you're cracked soul...

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The present

All the congrets,
All the "how fur for you",
It's really funny,
How now it's not all,
Fun for me,
It drives me insane,
That they all ask the same,
What am I gonna do,
Gonna do now?
Gonna do next?
I havent even tought of the,
Of the future ahead...?
All I've ever done is live,
Live in this moment,
Here and now,
The present...

He ❤️

I ran into him yesterday,
In that little town café,
Watched as he came close,
Looked how he got pass,
How he took shots drank beer,
Then I saw it my dear,
He want in my dreams as a fear,
Just more like,
Like I like to have him more near,
After that sunday,
And this yesterday,
I felt just like this way,
That maybe he likes that also,
The way he says my name...
The way he says my name...

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer conversations

Late night summer conversations,
In that warm lovely kind of air,
Candles and wine and all is there,
The music keeps blasting on,
As we all sing aling,
As we all laugh along,
To our favourit song,
To the joke so strong,
Suddenly I see,
Live had just begon,
Eating with us all together,
Talking boys and whatever,
Blurting out every story,
With or without any glory,
We just stumble along,
We all laugh along, 
Neither right or wrong,
Waiting for that one song,
Suddenly I see,
Live had just begon,
It hasn't passed us by yet,
With nothing to regret,
We just laugh along,
Because we know,
Our life is just begon... 

We just laugh along on summer nights because we know,
Life has just begon...

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Myself in the rawest form

I never dared to show you myself to you as pure as I am or in my rawest form,
I never was completely naked not even when I took of my clothes,
For I never give you the full sight of my soul...
Wasn't it stupid of me to think that you might never could have the ability to love me just as me?
Me with all my broken parts and the scars on my heart, 
Me when I am grumpy or clingy or me when I am an insecure little girl that needs some reassurance...?
How could I not wrap my mind around the fact that my imperfections and flaws could have been just as beautiful as yours? 
That maybe for all those dorky and Unique things that I love about you,
You would one day love me like that too?
For isn't is also a fact that the sun shines just as well as the moon trough broken windows...
Or that the rain makes sometimes to give me smile a Rainbow even when it storms...
So maybe it was a stupid self protecting yet damaging thought that you could bare the pure naked and scarred soul that I carry...
But what if you did?
What if you could have?
And I never gave you the chance for me myself I was terrified deep down inside...
That if you loved me as whole,
I was supposed to be whole,
While I'm still in repair, in progress,
I might not be there yet, but I'm getting there...
One day I will show you all of me,
And I hope that day you'll like what you see...
Whatever that may be...

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Monday, July 21, 2014

What if it doesn't?

Someone asked me,
"Do you really rather feel, familiar pain, then unknown luck?"
And I thought about it for some time,
But I really think I do,
If I keep choosing for the pain I know,
I know I'm strong enough to survive,
Strong enough to keep alive,
But the unknown luck,
It could have a possibility to turn around,
Some day...
An what if it hurts so much more?
More then I'm used to?
What if it hurts?
And she looked me in the eye,
Opened her mouth and said,
"Oh now but what if it doesn't?"
And I had no answer...

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Growing up goes slow...

Maybe I will write,
What is wrong,
Make me a sad song,
Say I don't belong,
In between,
This stage's that,
Change my ages,
It's in this maturity,
That I  haven't quite,
Really ever found yet,
If I did,
I wouldn't even know,
If I would,
Recognize it...
I just wish,
I'd figured out,
How not to always,
Feel so cold,
Feel so alone,
Even when I,
Smell you're colone,
When they all state,
That living is about,
All I want to let you know,
Is that this growing up,
Goes so slow...
Growing up goes slow,
The making mistakes,
All the heartbreaks,
I must say,
I'm sorry,
It's not like me,
I just got caught,
In a dark place,
Where all I do,
Is slip and fall,
And tumble and crawl...
I'm so sorry...
Why didn't they ever let me know?
That growing up goes slow...

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Re-run season 6.

It feels like a re-run,
Like a season that has already been released,
Issues that already are lost,
Meaningless and solved,
It feels like a re-run,
Every time we smile a little fun,
The nights that feel familiar again,
My heart travels back to when,
The episodes that you were mine,
The tv screen seems so real,
The magic if we could steal,
We would still be together,
Oh if life had re-runs,
You and I would never part,
We would keep season six,
Closed and locked in our heart,
Fire without end only start,
It feels like a re-run,
You hit me like a shotgun,
They way you look,
The sound of you're laugh,
If I could rewind,
I would keep it in my mind,
If we could pause,
I would freeze the moments,
Where I could watch you wake up,
Run my fingers trough you're hair,
And the frist time you hold my hand,
Oh it feels like a re-run,
Every time we remises,
I remember how much I miss,

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Won't you talk to me God please,
Just one minute of you're time,
Can you look me in the eye,
And give me a reason...
For all the tears we cry?

Won't you talk to me God please,
Just one minute of you're time,
To explain to me,
All the pain is this world I see...
Not even a tiny little kind of free?

Won't you listen to me God please,
Open you're eyes and ears just a minute,
I want to let you know,
The pain of those you took away,
Those I loved as mine...
Taken too soon this time,

Won't you hear me out God please,
Is it too much to ask,
A minute of you're time?
Is it too much to ask,
When you did not answer,
To all the screams,
To all the prays,
Didn't they called out for you?
Loud enough to hear?

Won't you tell me God please?
Won't you tell me,
So I won't keep dwelling,
In this wondering why,
The hope of a nation died,
The tears keep on falling down,
Planes fly, the plane should've flied...

Won't tell me know,
For I've had enough,
Why can't we get,
A proper grief?
The body's they just lay,
To become cold and grey,
Tell me please God,
I beg you now,
Why they pulled out sharp knifes,
End so many beautiful life's?

God, please don't tell me,
I don't even wanna know,
The plans they had,
Where they were supposed to go,
Just take away the pain,
Of all of those who lost,
All the hearts it cost,
Buises on souls sticking like stains...

Won't you talk to me God, please?
Promise me the world will be fine again...
Promise me they will smile from above...
Down to the ones they loved...

Won't you God please...?
One minute of you're time...

Is anyone listening?

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How far we've come

I wished,
That I'd answered,
When you asked me the question,
I was waiting for it,
For you to be proud of me,
To see what we've accomplished together,
That you're noticed me,
And all that I am yet to be,
And you did,
But just then,
He called out my name,
Before I could say anything,
We had to get out,
As you still tickled my back,
Trying to get a hold of me,
I just let it be,
Walked out,
Let you go, 
There will come another day,
Or another place,
Where I can say,
"Look how far we've come..."
All you'll do is smile,
For you already knew,
You always knew...

look how far we came

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In love with silly girl

"Silly girl,
You always say,
Nobody will ever love me,
No one Will stay,
Not when they see me,
In the real way,
Silly girl,
They love you,
For all you where, are and,
Ever will be,
They would all stay,
Wait and do things youre way,
Silly girl,
Every time they say 3 words, 8 letters,
You paralyse,
You go run and hide,
To a save and lonely place,
Where nothing ever happens,
And change and chances die,
Silly girl,
They love you,
All of them,
Every single one,
You just dont believe it yourself,
You don't love you...
Silly girl..."

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silly girl, they all love you,
you just don't love yourself.

Youre fault in my stars...

I just smiled,
Made a grandma joke,
And there we went,
Back to the same old familiair road,
You and me laughing together,
In the tiniest corner of the café,
Just goofing around,
I really thought there for a second,
That we were just friends,
Till you brought up my book,
And tickled my back as we were walking out,
Why would you do that?
Flirt with me al over again?
It just leaves me asking why,
If you still track my every move,
Why is she the one you groove?
If you still miss me every day...?
Why wont you give us a try,
To be once again, okay?
For I mis you and I begin fine,
And I miss all we did and all we should do,
It already seems so far away...
For I don't want to become a distant memorie,
That time will slowly turn into obvlion,
For there will be days and year enough,
When my bones have become dirt,
In which I might or more must be getting forgotten,
But never by you...
So if you hear my name,
Or if they point to the pictures,
Please smile,
And say you knew me...
Okay? Okay.

TFIOS, okay... okay... you're the fault in my stars. 

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Die hard...

I whispered to her,
In all that noise,

"We die hard, Live just like we start..."
For we had,
Even since we were born,
An uphill battle,
Things thrown at us,
That would torn anyone apart,
But we're here,
With a drink in our hands,
At midnight with goofy dance,
And we just dance, dance, dance,
Like life has no plans,
The future up ahead,
It can led,
To us still becoming,
Crying and sobbing girls,
Or leave us with laughs,
And all that we ever wished we have,
But tonight,
We're gonna live,
Make it count all night,
Like we could die young,
Like every second is our last,
No more reversing, the past is the past,
Just jump, jump, jump to the song's blast,

"We'll just die hard & Live like we start..."

Whatever te future has in store,
Every day I wake up,
I'll have a day's knowledge more,
That's all there is,
Plans and little interruptions,
They have no effect at all,
When you live,
day by day,
When you give,
The voice inside a place,
When you follow you're heart,
That's when the future can really start.

Marilyn monroe quotes, we heart it. 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

One last promise

You turned 23 this year,
And let me tell you my dear,

23 is the age of in between,
Sounds just like the you I've seen,

It Will be a good year for you,
I see all in front of you accept for bleu...

I wish I would have been,
Next to you with this magic tv screen,

But since 23 closes 22,
I've got nothing to do with you...

All thats left to say,
Trough this little way,

Is that 23 is a brand new start, of a new age,
The newest past of you're life, the latest stage,

All these 356 days of you're new year,
Please don't live them like before in fear...

You turned 23 this year,
And now promise me my dear...

One last promise...

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Birthday girl

Birthday girl,
Go put youre dress on,
And those high heeled shoes,
Make us fall in love with you,
Birthday girl,
Puts glitter on her face,
Laughes as if the whole world isnt a case,
Makes every boy fall in love with her,
Well I just want to remind you,
That baby,
Last night you just couldn't see,
But let me tell you,
One time now please baby,
You're so beautiful,
But just don't see,
How trade youre high heels for all stars,
Make everyone wanne dance,
If youre just given time and chance,
That baby,
Youre wonderfull,
How you laugh lights up,
Makes everyone wanne be with you,
Your'e beautiful you...

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birthday girl, make a wish...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Year ago..

It was a year ago,
And yes you did show,
Just as I pronounced,
Without her to be bounched,
I saw you tried to greet,
More or less with a birthday treat,
But you didnt really dare,
Anyways I liked that you care,
The way you can still be so you,
After all that we've been trough, 
Past year, with a smile and a tear,
And were still here my dear
Still here,
Just like a year ago,
You came to show,
Its still here...

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I will wait for you... I always do

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

About that part?

I always thought that I was weak,
Weak for I've been broken so manny times,
I get hurt and bruised easily,
Yet when I fall I always rise higher then before,
Maybe being strong is about that part more,
I used to be the first to face a smile,
Force a laugh, Look the other way,
But since I refused now,
I will be the first to say,
That now I am okay....
And  you my endless haunting ghost,
You'll be the last,
To ever say,
That now you're okay...
I'll be the first...
Maybe just maybe...
Being strong is more about that part?

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albert einstein quotes about life. 

The Pinkpop part in love...

I went to +Pinkpop last night,
And as I stood there in the firework light,
There was only one thing that I'd miss,
So I started to reminiss,
This date exactly one year ago,
I was the one you got to know,
Together going on dates,
Getting beyond the we're just mates...
And just there were on Pinkpop four stages,
So was when it where our ages,
The first is when you smiled and I fell to the ground,
The second is when we met up my head kept going round,
And the third is when our world became bigger then the "I" game,
And the last, is the hardest part, the letting go, the same, giving each other the faulted blame,
It just wasn't the right time, nor will it ever be?

you went to Pinkpop yesterday,
Did it felt the same like we used to talk about it in our little way?
Wasn't there just one thing you'd missed?
One thing out of a beloved list...
That date exactly one year ago,
You were the one for me did you know?
You and me on silly dates,
Eating pizza and fries just like best mates,
There on Pinkpop you went and looked at all the four stages,
Just like our ages,
The first was when we kissed,
The second was when you realized I had all you ever missed,
And the third is when you're world got shaken up and down,
And the last, was the hardest part, the letting go, the same, the letting this love drown,
It just wasn't the right time, nor will it ever be?

And that's the hardest part...
Of it all...

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The pinkpop part in love

Monday, July 7, 2014

Most people, Yet not all....

Most people these days only attract by eye,
And it's so sad I'll tell you why,
I once had this love that was something else,
I never quite knew what it was,
The time flew and so easy pass,
He was everything I wasn't,
And I was everything he was ought to be,
Yet in there doesn't even lays the magic for me,
It was in the way he could read my every thought...
He knew what I wanted before I did,
He protected me from myself,
And made all those crazy romantic gestures,
Not because he was a romantic,
But for I was,
And he loved my everything,
So some thing I did for him and some he would give in,
And now I know what can be,
I can never go back,
To someone who only attracts my eye and not my soul,
For then the love we share wouldn't be whole,
It would be hollow and cold,
If I didn't feel the fingertips on my skin of one,
Who loves my naked soul just as much,
As he would love my naked body,
One who would do everything,
For my anything,
And the other way around,
I think it's sad,
Not everyone had,
A great love like this,
One to reminiss,
Back to every kiss,
A love to hold on to and to miss,
A love impossible to let go...

beauty attracts the eye, personality the heart.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

A world like this

I dont understand why hearts in this world are scarred and token,
Why words of hate come out so easily while salvation in writing seems to be unspoken,
How can in one lifetime primisses and commitments be broken?
If all we can have in out limited days,
Is just a tiny infinity in an eternity,
Then why are hurting, sadness, and tragedy,
More common words in our mouths then,
Happiness, bliss, love and remedy are?
If there is only black and white,
Even if my light would be bright,
I would still pray for a bit of colour or at least grey,
I dont understand that there can be lonelyness in this world,
If we all are related then why werent our souls created,
To be less hollow and more likely to follow the voice within,
Als if in this maybe my thoutghs are mellow or shallow,
If so I'll punshid and forbit myself to the shadows,
Couldnt it just be that somewhere out here to see there is a simple kind of free,
On of soul mates finding each other,
Arm in arm sister and brother...
What I would give for a world like this,
Were anyone could be able not only to exicst but also live...
What I wouldn't give...

darkness is needed to see the stars...

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right people, place and time

There is not really something like love at first sight I think,
Only the right people meeting at the right time in the right place,
That's all that's needed...
And oh yes we were, the perfect people for each other,
Met at the perfect place,
But the timing was more off than an alarm on a dying battery,
And that's the thing about timing,
If you haven't got timing the rest really doesn't seem as all that much...
But we really did were a perfect match...

Now your with her and it appears to be wonderful,
For finally you've gotten something at the right time,
When you need and want it all at the same time,
Now that you're ready for it,
For it all to arrive right into you're life,
And you two met at a nice place,
So it seems you'll have all the space...?
Yet you still tell me the world is too small,
And now in this mess we made babe,
After all... We're still perfect...

And she will be I'm sure quite lovely,
But she will never be anything like me,
I'm never enough and you're so much more then I can take,
We make each others world shake,
In the kind of way that a rollecestor does,
With the nerves in you're belly...
The kind of things that you smile without knowing it...

And she will be I'm sure quite beautiful,
But she will never be untouchable,
And that was what our love is,
So close you could already taste it on you lips,
But never close enough to touch,
Or to get to hold,
Like a firefly's light turning nightly gold,
The one thing you and her will miss,
Is that you aren't the right people for each other,
You're love will become a silent smother,
For you'll be dreaming of me,
And she...
She knows,
She'd always know,
You're love was one to get flown,
Away in time and space,
For you're eyes only light that way when you meet my face...

One day, One day, One day,
Time will be on our side,
Then you'll be mine,
And I'll be yours,
And we'll have a tiny little infinity,
Or the world biggest 8 turned around,
One day we'll get there,
We run into each other again,
Some regular day when the timing is right,
And we'll have it all...
People, Place and Time.

Timing's a bitch.

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We always had our little jokes,
Laughs about things nobody knew,
But me and you...
One of things I've loved the most,
Is the secret words we shared,
A language just for the two of us,
It like a routine,
Or a place no one else in this world,
Know about the existence...
I have flashbacks sometimes,
To all those days and nights,
To B4...
I really loved you...

somewhere only we know

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Are or look

I used to hate it when I was a teen,
How people said to me all the time,
You grew up so fast,
You are beautiful,
Not because it wasn't sweet or anything,
It was just that to other girls I heard them say,
You look beautiful,
And I used to wish to be pretty,
Cute or lovely or beautiful as well...

Until just last night when I walked into him,
He laughed and said "haven't seen you in a while,"
So we just chatted a bit,
You know small talk, work, weather, school,
We laughed at some stupid jokes we used to make,
And then he said, "you know you are beautiful,"
So I said that I hated that statement so much,
And when I started to explain,
He interrupted me and said you better listen dear...

"I could say to anyone that they look beautiful,
Because anyone can look beautiful,
Some look beautiful always others just now and then,
But to you I say you are beautiful,
Because it's how you are,
And not all can see the difference,
You are beautiful on the outside but...
You're beauty will never fade,
For it comes from the inside from you're heart,
So you are beautiful,
I could define beauty as you..."

Beauty defined.

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I wish that I can wish...

It was like a magical place,
All that lighted up space,
The music it flows,
And before anyone knows,
The enchanted girls,
Make the best kind of twirls,
The once's you make in a brand new dress,
And all the boys they'll have to confess,
Somethings is the air,
Oh yes it is so wonderful there,
I've never seen anything like this anywhere,
The combination of the fairylike and the dare,
It is impossible to compare,
She stood there right in front of me,
Dancing for everyone to see,
That glowing smile she has,
Her shirt as green as the grass,
What anyone would give,
For a night reminding you... you live,
Yesterday, today and tomorrow,
It will always be the ordinay,
With people you think are special,
That makes a moment extraordaniy,
The fireworks make sparks fly,
And all of us reach over the sky,
I lost myself there,
By their sides,
And I can only wish,
That next year at +WiSH Outdoor,
I get lost ever more,
Then I ever did before...
In order to find you,
Sometimes you have to do,
Something outside you're comfort zone,
And with that I landed on a queens throne,
With the dirt dusted from my bones,
And the flowers in my hair,
Summer breeze in the air,
Rain pouring down,
It was like I was wearing a crown...

I wish that I can wish again next year...

wish outdoor

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red lipstick

They all tell me how beautiful I am when...
Look me in the eyes and hit on me...
Make you jelous when they flirt and tried to steal a kiss...
When I wear red lipstick.

You'd say I look marvalous...
Take my hand and started to dance...
Let youre figertips cross the painted skin...
When I wear red lipstick.

But thats not it,
Its how I feel like I put myself out of the shadows, 
And into the light,
Why I wear red lipstick...
The reason is in the colour it self,
Passion, love, fire, unstoppeble and warrior like,
I'd like to believe I am all of that,

That is the reason I wear red lipstick...

red lipstick...

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4th of july

I always wanted to celebrate the 4th of july,
I dont really have any reasons why...
Missed it this year,
But I wont tear,
I keep them in my pocket,
Rather stare at the locked,
Where nu savings will grow,
Throughout summer and snow,
And one day soon or far,
I'll get nu plane, train or car,
I will breathe in the summer air,
Get lost like I just dont care,
Spending my time and money in the USA,
I'll dream of the day,
To my Mother and father on the phone I'll say,
I landed save, I'm okay, 
Just letting you know,
But know I really got to go,
Theyll play the Message at the fifth,
But there it Will be the fourth,
It Will be the fourth of july and I...

4th of july fireworks

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dont remember you

Bought a dress today,
One of those maxi thingies,
Died my hair today,
Into honey blonde,
You wouldn't get it,
You wouldn't like it...
But I dont care,
I dont get or like you,
But then,
I dont even remember you...

I went for jungle red paint,
A brand new room,
Celebrated my passing the year,
With a big icecream,
You wouldn't get it,
You would pass it,
But I dont remember,
Cause I just dont remember you...
Dont remember you...

I hate getting flashbacks from things I don't want to

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What is to love?

He asked me once,
What is you like about writing?
Why do you blog?
And I told him,
It like all my nagging thoughts just dissapear,
When I start to write,
Its like I get set free from every clings negative thought,
And he asked is that what you love about it? 
That part there was where my eyes started to shine,
It is in those poems that someone come back to day after day,
I see them appear on my computer screen and it makes me smile,
That someone relates to me and my words so much,
That they love to come back and read it again, 
That what I love,
And I think then, he got me for the first time...

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Love is a letter so sweet.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Half of my heart

I loved you with all my heart,
While it appears to be,
Only half of youre heart loved me,
Quite a shock and some show,
Just left there with at least to know,
That I once owned half of heart,
Just a 50-50 part...

I loved you for all you where,
While it appears to be,
You never fully felt the same way for me,
What a turn what a surprise,
Never thought the cry from my eyes,
Would be created by you,
But what's a half loved girl to do?

I loved you for you will be,
That was the part that frightend you,
Not ready for a whole hearted future with me,
The words sounded like nails on a chalkboard,
Seems that our options are out of court,
My heart can never love like this again,
Not even close to this when,
You still hold half of my heart...

Half of the part,
That means most to me,
Half of my heart,
My heart...

half of my heart...

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beauty without effort

I could put on my little black dress,
Some high heeled shoes,
Put in red lipstick,
And make my eyes glittery,
He could suit himself up,
Put on some colone,
And we have the perfect fancy date,
Everytime he looked at me during,
All those dates, 
I knew I was pretty,
But I loved his eyes more,
When we spend a lazy sunday morning,
Just the two him and I,
In out stay in house rolled out of bed playsuits,
My hair tied together,
No make up, no perfume, and nothing worth trying,
And when he looks at me then,
Thats when I love him with all I have,
All I was,
And all I ever will be,
Then I can let my guard down just breath,
And I can read his eyes,
Telling me that I am beautiful,
Even without effort,
And that my dear,
Is the most lovable feeling,
Someone to accept you completely,
And who sees the beauty in you're naked soul,
There in the cracks of you're heart and the marks around you're wrist,
Those things you can never lose yourself, 
He will love it all every piece,
Just for you...

you're different I like that.

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do you know?

Do you know,
That you have at least,
Seven ways of smiling?

Do you know,
That you stutter,
When you tell a lie?

Do you know,
That you're too honest,
And giggly when you're drunk?

Doesn't matter,
That you don't know,
I know...

if I could give you anything...

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believe in love

Is it weird when you rather hear a broken hearted song then a love song?
Is it stupid to not believe in love?
Or don't have faith in it?
Because I feel like I feel this way, But I don't really know how.
The strings are there but no real attachments,
So why?
Could you answer my question?
Or do you think of something else now?
Either way, I pray that one day you'll say,
I'll prove you love is real,
For I love you,
I swear I do...

love is patient, love is kind.

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Corner of the cafe...

Sitting in the corner of the cafe,
Watching boys follow girls around,
Sitting in the corner of the cafe,
Watching girls laugh and play with their hair,
Sitting in the corner of the cafe,
Just alone,
Being the girl thats overthinking everything,
Sitting in the corner of the cafe,
Just drifting through my own mind,
Realizing that I can't stop thinking of you,
Sitting in the corner of the cafe,
And realizing I'm in love for the first time again,
For the first time again,
For the first time again...

at the corner of the cafe...

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