Monday, July 14, 2014

One last promise

You turned 23 this year,
And let me tell you my dear,

23 is the age of in between,
Sounds just like the you I've seen,

It Will be a good year for you,
I see all in front of you accept for bleu...

I wish I would have been,
Next to you with this magic tv screen,

But since 23 closes 22,
I've got nothing to do with you...

All thats left to say,
Trough this little way,

Is that 23 is a brand new start, of a new age,
The newest past of you're life, the latest stage,

All these 356 days of you're new year,
Please don't live them like before in fear...

You turned 23 this year,
And now promise me my dear...

One last promise...

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