Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Die hard...

I whispered to her,
In all that noise,

"We die hard, Live just like we start..."
For we had,
Even since we were born,
An uphill battle,
Things thrown at us,
That would torn anyone apart,
But we're here,
With a drink in our hands,
At midnight with goofy dance,
And we just dance, dance, dance,
Like life has no plans,
The future up ahead,
It can led,
To us still becoming,
Crying and sobbing girls,
Or leave us with laughs,
And all that we ever wished we have,
But tonight,
We're gonna live,
Make it count all night,
Like we could die young,
Like every second is our last,
No more reversing, the past is the past,
Just jump, jump, jump to the song's blast,

"We'll just die hard & Live like we start..."

Whatever te future has in store,
Every day I wake up,
I'll have a day's knowledge more,
That's all there is,
Plans and little interruptions,
They have no effect at all,
When you live,
day by day,
When you give,
The voice inside a place,
When you follow you're heart,
That's when the future can really start.

Marilyn monroe quotes, we heart it. 

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