4th of july

I always wanted to celebrate the 4th of july,
I dont really have any reasons why...
Missed it this year,
But I wont tear,
I keep them in my pocket,
Rather stare at the locked,
Where nu savings will grow,
Throughout summer and snow,
And one day soon or far,
I'll get nu plane, train or car,
I will breathe in the summer air,
Get lost like I just dont care,
Spending my time and money in the USA,
I'll dream of the day,
To my Mother and father on the phone I'll say,
I landed save, I'm okay, 
Just letting you know,
But know I really got to go,
Theyll play the Message at the fifth,
But there it Will be the fourth,
It Will be the fourth of july and I...

4th of july fireworks

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