Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In love with silly girl

"Silly girl,
You always say,
Nobody will ever love me,
No one Will stay,
Not when they see me,
In the real way,
Silly girl,
They love you,
For all you where, are and,
Ever will be,
They would all stay,
Wait and do things youre way,
Silly girl,
Every time they say 3 words, 8 letters,
You paralyse,
You go run and hide,
To a save and lonely place,
Where nothing ever happens,
And change and chances die,
Silly girl,
They love you,
All of them,
Every single one,
You just dont believe it yourself,
You don't love you...
Silly girl..."

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silly girl, they all love you,
you just don't love yourself.

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