Monday, July 21, 2014

Growing up goes slow...

Maybe I will write,
What is wrong,
Make me a sad song,
Say I don't belong,
In between,
This stage's that,
Change my ages,
It's in this maturity,
That I  haven't quite,
Really ever found yet,
If I did,
I wouldn't even know,
If I would,
Recognize it...
I just wish,
I'd figured out,
How not to always,
Feel so cold,
Feel so alone,
Even when I,
Smell you're colone,
When they all state,
That living is about,
All I want to let you know,
Is that this growing up,
Goes so slow...
Growing up goes slow,
The making mistakes,
All the heartbreaks,
I must say,
I'm sorry,
It's not like me,
I just got caught,
In a dark place,
Where all I do,
Is slip and fall,
And tumble and crawl...
I'm so sorry...
Why didn't they ever let me know?
That growing up goes slow...

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