Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Half of my heart

I loved you with all my heart,
While it appears to be,
Only half of youre heart loved me,
Quite a shock and some show,
Just left there with at least to know,
That I once owned half of heart,
Just a 50-50 part...

I loved you for all you where,
While it appears to be,
You never fully felt the same way for me,
What a turn what a surprise,
Never thought the cry from my eyes,
Would be created by you,
But what's a half loved girl to do?

I loved you for you will be,
That was the part that frightend you,
Not ready for a whole hearted future with me,
The words sounded like nails on a chalkboard,
Seems that our options are out of court,
My heart can never love like this again,
Not even close to this when,
You still hold half of my heart...

Half of the part,
That means most to me,
Half of my heart,
My heart...

half of my heart...

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