Monday, July 7, 2014

Most people, Yet not all....

Most people these days only attract by eye,
And it's so sad I'll tell you why,
I once had this love that was something else,
I never quite knew what it was,
The time flew and so easy pass,
He was everything I wasn't,
And I was everything he was ought to be,
Yet in there doesn't even lays the magic for me,
It was in the way he could read my every thought...
He knew what I wanted before I did,
He protected me from myself,
And made all those crazy romantic gestures,
Not because he was a romantic,
But for I was,
And he loved my everything,
So some thing I did for him and some he would give in,
And now I know what can be,
I can never go back,
To someone who only attracts my eye and not my soul,
For then the love we share wouldn't be whole,
It would be hollow and cold,
If I didn't feel the fingertips on my skin of one,
Who loves my naked soul just as much,
As he would love my naked body,
One who would do everything,
For my anything,
And the other way around,
I think it's sad,
Not everyone had,
A great love like this,
One to reminiss,
Back to every kiss,
A love to hold on to and to miss,
A love impossible to let go...

beauty attracts the eye, personality the heart.

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