Are or look

I used to hate it when I was a teen,
How people said to me all the time,
You grew up so fast,
You are beautiful,
Not because it wasn't sweet or anything,
It was just that to other girls I heard them say,
You look beautiful,
And I used to wish to be pretty,
Cute or lovely or beautiful as well...

Until just last night when I walked into him,
He laughed and said "haven't seen you in a while,"
So we just chatted a bit,
You know small talk, work, weather, school,
We laughed at some stupid jokes we used to make,
And then he said, "you know you are beautiful,"
So I said that I hated that statement so much,
And when I started to explain,
He interrupted me and said you better listen dear...

"I could say to anyone that they look beautiful,
Because anyone can look beautiful,
Some look beautiful always others just now and then,
But to you I say you are beautiful,
Because it's how you are,
And not all can see the difference,
You are beautiful on the outside but...
You're beauty will never fade,
For it comes from the inside from you're heart,
So you are beautiful,
I could define beauty as you..."

Beauty defined.

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