Beauty without effort

I could put on my little black dress,
Some high heeled shoes,
Put in red lipstick,
And make my eyes glittery,
He could suit himself up,
Put on some colone,
And we have the perfect fancy date,
Everytime he looked at me during,
All those dates, 
I knew I was pretty,
But I loved his eyes more,
When we spend a lazy sunday morning,
Just the two him and I,
In out stay in house rolled out of bed playsuits,
My hair tied together,
No make up, no perfume, and nothing worth trying,
And when he looks at me then,
Thats when I love him with all I have,
All I was,
And all I ever will be,
Then I can let my guard down just breath,
And I can read his eyes,
Telling me that I am beautiful,
Even without effort,
And that my dear,
Is the most lovable feeling,
Someone to accept you completely,
And who sees the beauty in you're naked soul,
There in the cracks of you're heart and the marks around you're wrist,
Those things you can never lose yourself, 
He will love it all every piece,
Just for you...

you're different I like that.

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