Sunday, July 6, 2014

A world like this

I dont understand why hearts in this world are scarred and token,
Why words of hate come out so easily while salvation in writing seems to be unspoken,
How can in one lifetime primisses and commitments be broken?
If all we can have in out limited days,
Is just a tiny infinity in an eternity,
Then why are hurting, sadness, and tragedy,
More common words in our mouths then,
Happiness, bliss, love and remedy are?
If there is only black and white,
Even if my light would be bright,
I would still pray for a bit of colour or at least grey,
I dont understand that there can be lonelyness in this world,
If we all are related then why werent our souls created,
To be less hollow and more likely to follow the voice within,
Als if in this maybe my thoutghs are mellow or shallow,
If so I'll punshid and forbit myself to the shadows,
Couldnt it just be that somewhere out here to see there is a simple kind of free,
On of soul mates finding each other,
Arm in arm sister and brother...
What I would give for a world like this,
Were anyone could be able not only to exicst but also live...
What I wouldn't give...

darkness is needed to see the stars...

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