I wish that I can wish...

It was like a magical place,
All that lighted up space,
The music it flows,
And before anyone knows,
The enchanted girls,
Make the best kind of twirls,
The once's you make in a brand new dress,
And all the boys they'll have to confess,
Somethings is the air,
Oh yes it is so wonderful there,
I've never seen anything like this anywhere,
The combination of the fairylike and the dare,
It is impossible to compare,
She stood there right in front of me,
Dancing for everyone to see,
That glowing smile she has,
Her shirt as green as the grass,
What anyone would give,
For a night reminding you... you live,
Yesterday, today and tomorrow,
It will always be the ordinay,
With people you think are special,
That makes a moment extraordaniy,
The fireworks make sparks fly,
And all of us reach over the sky,
I lost myself there,
By their sides,
And I can only wish,
That next year at +WiSH Outdoor,
I get lost ever more,
Then I ever did before...
In order to find you,
Sometimes you have to do,
Something outside you're comfort zone,
And with that I landed on a queens throne,
With the dirt dusted from my bones,
And the flowers in my hair,
Summer breeze in the air,
Rain pouring down,
It was like I was wearing a crown...

I wish that I can wish again next year...

wish outdoor

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