Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer conversations

Late night summer conversations,
In that warm lovely kind of air,
Candles and wine and all is there,
The music keeps blasting on,
As we all sing aling,
As we all laugh along,
To our favourit song,
To the joke so strong,
Suddenly I see,
Live had just begon,
Eating with us all together,
Talking boys and whatever,
Blurting out every story,
With or without any glory,
We just stumble along,
We all laugh along, 
Neither right or wrong,
Waiting for that one song,
Suddenly I see,
Live had just begon,
It hasn't passed us by yet,
With nothing to regret,
We just laugh along,
Because we know,
Our life is just begon... 

We just laugh along on summer nights because we know,
Life has just begon...

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