Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Youre fault in my stars...

I just smiled,
Made a grandma joke,
And there we went,
Back to the same old familiair road,
You and me laughing together,
In the tiniest corner of the café,
Just goofing around,
I really thought there for a second,
That we were just friends,
Till you brought up my book,
And tickled my back as we were walking out,
Why would you do that?
Flirt with me al over again?
It just leaves me asking why,
If you still track my every move,
Why is she the one you groove?
If you still miss me every day...?
Why wont you give us a try,
To be once again, okay?
For I mis you and I begin fine,
And I miss all we did and all we should do,
It already seems so far away...
For I don't want to become a distant memorie,
That time will slowly turn into obvlion,
For there will be days and year enough,
When my bones have become dirt,
In which I might or more must be getting forgotten,
But never by you...
So if you hear my name,
Or if they point to the pictures,
Please smile,
And say you knew me...
Okay? Okay.

TFIOS, okay... okay... you're the fault in my stars. 

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