Re-run season 6.

It feels like a re-run,
Like a season that has already been released,
Issues that already are lost,
Meaningless and solved,
It feels like a re-run,
Every time we smile a little fun,
The nights that feel familiar again,
My heart travels back to when,
The episodes that you were mine,
The tv screen seems so real,
The magic if we could steal,
We would still be together,
Oh if life had re-runs,
You and I would never part,
We would keep season six,
Closed and locked in our heart,
Fire without end only start,
It feels like a re-run,
You hit me like a shotgun,
They way you look,
The sound of you're laugh,
If I could rewind,
I would keep it in my mind,
If we could pause,
I would freeze the moments,
Where I could watch you wake up,
Run my fingers trough you're hair,
And the frist time you hold my hand,
Oh it feels like a re-run,
Every time we remises,
I remember how much I miss,

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