Won't you talk to me God please,
Just one minute of you're time,
Can you look me in the eye,
And give me a reason...
For all the tears we cry?

Won't you talk to me God please,
Just one minute of you're time,
To explain to me,
All the pain is this world I see...
Not even a tiny little kind of free?

Won't you listen to me God please,
Open you're eyes and ears just a minute,
I want to let you know,
The pain of those you took away,
Those I loved as mine...
Taken too soon this time,

Won't you hear me out God please,
Is it too much to ask,
A minute of you're time?
Is it too much to ask,
When you did not answer,
To all the screams,
To all the prays,
Didn't they called out for you?
Loud enough to hear?

Won't you tell me God please?
Won't you tell me,
So I won't keep dwelling,
In this wondering why,
The hope of a nation died,
The tears keep on falling down,
Planes fly, the plane should've flied...

Won't tell me know,
For I've had enough,
Why can't we get,
A proper grief?
The body's they just lay,
To become cold and grey,
Tell me please God,
I beg you now,
Why they pulled out sharp knifes,
End so many beautiful life's?

God, please don't tell me,
I don't even wanna know,
The plans they had,
Where they were supposed to go,
Just take away the pain,
Of all of those who lost,
All the hearts it cost,
Buises on souls sticking like stains...

Won't you talk to me God, please?
Promise me the world will be fine again...
Promise me they will smile from above...
Down to the ones they loved...

Won't you God please...?
One minute of you're time...

Is anyone listening?

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