Wednesday, July 30, 2014

gallery life's

I'm putting polaroids,
On this cold white wall,
The black and white,
Feels like a gallery,
The smoke lingers on the walls,
Where do we go?
When we lost and need,
To find a place to be found?
Where do you go?
When you're no where bound?
Where do you lay down,
When history haunts?
When even in you're sleep you're not safe,
From the memories of devastation,
From the voice inside you're own soul,
Tell me dear where did you go?
Where did you find a piece of mind...
I couldn't wait for the answer,
The first ray of sunlight,
I just took my keys and drove,
Drove all day,
On this unknown way,
Till I got drown to a house,
That I now call,
My own, my home...

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