Sunday, July 6, 2014

right people, place and time

There is not really something like love at first sight I think,
Only the right people meeting at the right time in the right place,
That's all that's needed...
And oh yes we were, the perfect people for each other,
Met at the perfect place,
But the timing was more off than an alarm on a dying battery,
And that's the thing about timing,
If you haven't got timing the rest really doesn't seem as all that much...
But we really did were a perfect match...

Now your with her and it appears to be wonderful,
For finally you've gotten something at the right time,
When you need and want it all at the same time,
Now that you're ready for it,
For it all to arrive right into you're life,
And you two met at a nice place,
So it seems you'll have all the space...?
Yet you still tell me the world is too small,
And now in this mess we made babe,
After all... We're still perfect...

And she will be I'm sure quite lovely,
But she will never be anything like me,
I'm never enough and you're so much more then I can take,
We make each others world shake,
In the kind of way that a rollecestor does,
With the nerves in you're belly...
The kind of things that you smile without knowing it...

And she will be I'm sure quite beautiful,
But she will never be untouchable,
And that was what our love is,
So close you could already taste it on you lips,
But never close enough to touch,
Or to get to hold,
Like a firefly's light turning nightly gold,
The one thing you and her will miss,
Is that you aren't the right people for each other,
You're love will become a silent smother,
For you'll be dreaming of me,
And she...
She knows,
She'd always know,
You're love was one to get flown,
Away in time and space,
For you're eyes only light that way when you meet my face...

One day, One day, One day,
Time will be on our side,
Then you'll be mine,
And I'll be yours,
And we'll have a tiny little infinity,
Or the world biggest 8 turned around,
One day we'll get there,
We run into each other again,
Some regular day when the timing is right,
And we'll have it all...
People, Place and Time.

Timing's a bitch.

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