Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday girl

Birthday girl,
Go put youre dress on,
And those high heeled shoes,
Make us fall in love with you,
Birthday girl,
Puts glitter on her face,
Laughes as if the whole world isnt a case,
Makes every boy fall in love with her,
Well I just want to remind you,
That baby,
Last night you just couldn't see,
But let me tell you,
One time now please baby,
You're so beautiful,
But just don't see,
How trade youre high heels for all stars,
Make everyone wanne dance,
If youre just given time and chance,
That baby,
Youre wonderfull,
How you laugh lights up,
Makes everyone wanne be with you,
Your'e beautiful you...

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birthday girl, make a wish...

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