I hope you find it somehow

Out of reach,
Im left without speech,
I must confess,
Each time we meet you make me speechless,
You said,
If at some point you remember,
Instead of forget,
After that one december,
What is in you're head,
Just send me a chat...
I wish it was as easy as that,
But boys get,
And girls give,
And boys forget,
And girls forgive,
And I'm not ready or steady,
To live,
With someone who has that much to forgive,
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...
If you ever asked me, I would've told,
But the conversations stayed so bold,
Always about you,
You we're in all the things we did,
In everything I do,
A part of you is hid...
I'm leaving this behind,
Just as I go,
I hope you find,
What you want now,
A peaceful mind,
I hope you find it... Somehow...

I think to much and feel too little, but I still hope,
You'll find it somehow.

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