You can start over every day...

I wish I could say I don't think black and white,
I wish I could say I don't just assume darkness and light,
To be things fitting together,
To be things belonging forever,
Because somehow they do,
Because it's the same for me as you,
We all stumble trough choosing our way,
In every choice we make every single day,
Some of us think you only get born once,
Some of us think you only live once,
But I on the other hand think...
You can be brand new every day,
It never to late to become who you wanted to be,
To change you vision in order to see what you want to see,
You can travel down life in any sort of way...
As long as at the end of the day,
You can always say,
In this conquest,
You have nothing more to request,
You lived to the fullest, to you're very best!

I want to get to know myself,
I want to travel,
I want to wander.

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