Monday, September 29, 2014


I was thinking about day to come,
But it just kept me awake,
When a good nights sleep,
Was all I wanted to find this hour,

I was trying to synchronize my mind,
Putting all my memories in place,
It's was hard...
There where all these things,
You and me shared,
I was not quite ready,
To put them away just yet,

I was trying to figure out why,
When without any real effort,
I stumble on the realization,
That I can not change the past,
Never... Not even if I wanted to,
Not even if I tried to,

So I come to the conclusion,
That I could spend another minute,
Thinking of you or,
Just accept that what's gone is gone,
Let myself move on,
And have faith that there is,
Something better in store for me...

Acceptance was all I need,
So it seems,
For I slept heavenly,
Have a dream without you in it,
For the first time in a year,
And it felt good,
To get back to the girl,
I used to be.

stop overthinking, start overlaughing...

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