Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dad's 50th

When I was little,
I used to look at my dad,
And saw the world's biggest hero,
He was the number #1 dad,
My biggest dream,
And the best playmate!

When I started went to school,
I started to learn things,
And realized that magic tricks,
Like getting a coin out of my ear,
Or kissing me awake as a prince,
They are not real at all,
My dad lost his magic...

When I got to high school,
I started to do math,
My dad would patiently help me,
With all my homework,
Trying to teach me what he once learned,
Yet I always hardheaded believed,
That I knew better them him...

Yet now that he is turning 50,
I suddenly see this wise man,
Right there in front of me,
A little bit grey and slightly bold,
Yet not a man I call "old",
He still jokes and is up to time,
But the thing I love the most about my dad...
...Is that I can call him "MINE"...

Family dinner party, dad's 50th.

Cheers to you daddy! 
Still the #1 dad in the world! :))

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