Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Only love

Do you ever have,
One of these days,
I said to him,
Mits all of rambling on,
I never even waited for the reply...
I was just going on and on,
About all that was wrong,
With myself, and the people,
And really more like the world,
At these some days...
Its just like I said,
Sometimes the world get under my skin,
And just drives me crazy,
And he laughed,
With his crooked smile,
His shaking head,
He turned to me,
And kissed me til I stopped stopping him,
When he let go,
He whispered to my ear,

"She was the most feeling girl anyone known,
She fels so much that some days she felt out of touch,
It's like some days of the year out of nowhere,
Just like that the world suddenly overwhelmed her,
And her whole heart took everything in,
Every sorrow or worry in this world,
And she would try to carry it but she only has two hands,
Her shoulders under it, Until her back would break,
Her love is like a soldier, Loyal for all eternity,
Never giving up rather die,
She's like the moon, always wanting the sun to shine,
And giving anything and everything for it,
The only thing she does not see, My beauty,
Is that she herself is the sun,
In all the worlds of everyone around her,
She is the one shining,
Making every body laugh and warm,
I would give up all for her,
To hold her in my arm,
My lovely sunshine...
Wheter mine or you're skies are grey,
You'll always be my dearest brightest sunshine..."

I did not know what to say,
I thought to little and felt to much,
All I felt in that overwhelming moment,
Was love. Only love.
Only love could made me feel the way I did.

we think too much and feel to little, weheartit quote.

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Anonymous said...

I begin to find you very atractive ,girl these words just saved me. Beautiful poem, interesting , be love .