Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Late October night...

One late October night,
We there was no more traffic light,
Him and I we walked,
And in this even stroll we talked n' talked n' talked,
Until the dawn was breaking,
And the twilight appeared,
Up to the moment when we both feared,
That we might have fallen for each other,
But we didn't dare to care like we bother,
To say it out loud,
Now its all I dream about...
He did say to me in the morning sun,
That my struggles did not define me,
My life has just begun,
I loved him for saying that,
For showing he is the one knowing,
Me, like the back of his hand,
I gave him one last kiss on his forehead,
But I kinda wish I've said,
" I love you..."
No matter what would have been the outcome,
Everything is better then what I've done,
Oh nothing...
I said nothing, nothing at all...
On that late October night...


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