Monday, September 1, 2014

We're down down down

She came to my rescue,
When my face looked at you,
Out of the bleu,
You asked me about it,
You said to me,
It's not like I've seen it,
I heard so,
But if you haven't seen it,
How could someone have shown it,
When somethings is showed,
You look don't you?
I never quite understood,
all of you're reasons,
I never got you're thinking,
This all it's made me thinking,
That maybe you don't understand either,
Oh I wish you do not,
So much,
For I can no longer bare the weight,
Of all these memories,
That I am not allow to get rid off,
From this broken heart,
I know that you know that I still know,
So why are we coming down?
I can not fly,
I'm falling down, down, down...

We are all explorers trying to find ourselfs

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