Friday, September 5, 2014


You get up,
Get dressed before they hear you,
Hide and conceal you're bruises,
Look one more time in the mirror,
And walk out of you're room with a smile,
The one a clown wears,
Just as fake and forced as my aunt's hair,
So exaggerated as the jackets you're mom buys...
That are like way too big...

You wave as you walk to school,
When you turn te corner,
You start to look at the ground,
Trying so hard not to stand out,
Not to make eye contact,
If only the forgot about you for a day,
Then maybe you'll live this once,
Maybe you'll have a day without hits...

When the break comes,
You'll try to hang around as long as you can,
Making the break just a minute less longer,
It's one less name called,
Just stay against the wall,
A bit covered up,
Try not to let anyone notice you,
Accept for the teachers,
They might save you today,
Oh if they only once tried to save me...

It did not work,
They walk towards,
You try to sneak inside,
Yet all you get is detention,
The hits feel like fire,
Like cigarettes being put on you,
The spit on you,
They bring you down and come bak for an after kick,
They'll make sure you never speak of it...

So you pretent it did not happen,
You try to live in a fantasy world,
Where all is good,
And everyone had a life,
And nobody gets hurt,
Yet that's just fantasy,
Reality is so much bitterder,
You just sit there all the passing minutes in hell,
Until the school bell rings,
You get out as fast as you can an run home,
Hoping you are faster then them,
That you'll beat them at this round,
But you never do...

AS you make the turn back around home,
You'll talk about this wonderful day at school,
Pretend, act, do as if,
God I should be on gossip girl,
I can act as if my life depends on it,
For it has for at least 8 years...

Then as you lay in bed,
When you hear the breaths of you're parents and you're little brother smooth and ritmic,
When you're sure there asleep,
You slip in the bathroom,
Look at the things they did to you're body today... again,
The bruises and the cuts and the bloody noses,
You'll heal them as good as you can,
With you're tiny child fingers...

As the morning arrives after a sleepless night,
You'll force a smile in the morning again,
And nobody ever sees,
How broken you really are...
Just go on pretent,
Until one day,
It is too late...

Take what you need, being bullied is hard, hurtful, take care....

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