Alone together.

"Why would you even like me?"
I whispered in his ear,
As I could not help myself,
But pulling back,
From this one thing worth fighting for...
"Wait" he yelled,
Grapped my hand,
Looked me strait in the eye,
And said...
"Because you are annoyingly outraguous,
Unable to do anything without coffee,
The one that has to be right always,
Never giving in, nor giving up,
You are a stubborn, chocolate eating, scared girl,
You're the one that drives me insane,
But makes me smile as if I never laughed,
You make humming sound in you're sleep,
And you love me more then you'll ever,
Could love yourself,
But most of all because my biggest wish is,
To make you see,
What I see when I look at you."
"I don't..."
"Yes, yes my dear. I know you don't know,
But you're not knowingly you,
Unable to make sure to yourself,
That you love me and we're in this together,
Loves me harder then any right minded,
Unafraid of relationships girl ever could,
I only love and need you."
"You're an idiot" I laughed as he kissed me.
But he knew what I ment.

She was so scared of being together and falling apart ending up alone,
That we decided to be alone together, forever. 

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