Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Not a choice

There I stood again last night,
Almost as if I where drown to it,
Right there on the corner where we met,
I was looking around,
Hoping for a glance on you're face,
But it was odd, out of place,
You're presence was no where near,
After I called out my dear,
I wish you would have come,
Oh how I hoped to see,
That maybe or eventually,
We could still be anything like,
Who we used to be,
You and I had something,
Magical, orignial, lyrical, hysterical,
And I hate how we let it there,
We should've fought,
We should've stormed,
So won't you come,
Next time I call out,
When we are supposed to be drown?
Or did you forget...

Sometimes love just happend, we didn't intend to,
but oh we did, and I fell in way too deep. 

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