Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It makes me

She walked trough my door,
Instantly I had this thought,
I could not sleep trough,
Nor rinse of when bathing,
It stained to me like wine on a dress,
Unable to wash of just by hand,
It stayed with me,
When it should've cleared up,
From now on,
My life will be like this,
It will stay this,
Head over heels,
Fast and furious,
Hundred miles an hour,
Strange faces and places,
And everything...
From now on my life would be,
So interesting that others,
Might be more interested in me,
And in my life then I am myself. 
So I guess that make me,
The girl people read books about,
People dream about,
Or change the channel for on tv,
But most of all it makes me,
Free from who I used to be,
It makes me for te first me.

You're the kind of girl people read books about.
-- We heart it. 

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