Individual self.

Just now as I was reading the most doll thing,
Something so unrelevant,
I don't know how and why,
But I suddenly got unreaveld,
And sewed back together,
I don't even know whether,
It was wrecked and restyled,
But in the vintage kind of way,
I was so self-assured again,
That someday soon I'll be fine again,
I will recognize myself in the mirror,
I'll be able to smile and laugh like I used to,
I could do anything I want,
Because nobody's telling me I can't...
I suddenly saw,
That now that we've broken up,
I no longer have to work and try and fight,
To be one half of a relationship,
I can be my orginally and individual self,
My one and only me,
Is the only thing I am ought to be,
For the first time in 362 days,
I am finally free.

I think I am finally free.

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