Made by you

A new life was born,
Trough or love,
Not a birth of a child,
Nor the live in which,
You and I would stay,
Together forever,
But the rebirth,
Of the same old me,
That I had once been,
But lost somewhere,
Along this road,
Called "life",
Some bumps where heavy,
Others got smoothed,
I don't really know how,
I guess I was resting,
Stopping somewhere to,
Catch my breath or so,
That must have been,
When I lost myself,
In these 100 miles,
All of these buzzy life's,
And somehow,
Without doing anything,
You made a girl,
That didn't knew who she was,
Herself again,
I should've known all along,
But never felt like I belong,
Yet you,
Made me whole again,
Made me, myself,
So I'll just be the best version of me,
Whatever that may be.

Made in the 90's, made by you, with a dust of life,
And the finishing touch of me...

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