Saturday, December 20, 2014

Need a little more 2014

I am not ready for 2015,
I need this all to be turned back,
We have to go and rewind,
Until you and I are back at,
New years eve 2013 turning to 2014,
When all our options where still open,
Where you and I had,
Conversations in which we laughed,
When we still spoke frequently,
One look at you and my day would be made,
You'd buy me drinks and joke,
And I'd listen to your secrets,
Play out or favorite movie scenes,
We would make sure the other would get home,
Dance on top of your drunkin' feet,
Eat together and reminisce,
Falling asleep in the arms that cared me,
Trough that October night holding me tight,
I am not ready for 2015,
Please, please...
I am begging you give me a little bit more,
Of when it was 2014,

I need a little more of 2014, I am not ready for 2015.

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