Thursday, December 18, 2014

I miss you...

A year's gone away,
Time flew,
But not like then,
Time flew without memories,
No flawless love,
No enchating night,
No sparkling dates...

A year's gone away,
365 days counted,
But not as they used to,
365 days counted without...
Being accounted for,
No midnight dances in kitchen light,
No chocolate kisses,
No more pantys torn...

A year's gone away,
As if there never where,
Any other way,
A year could go by by,
A year's gone to waste,
Cause now there is,
No frizzy hair to tame,
No cold air to heat,
No soup to eat,
No fights to be fought,
No lessons to be taught,
No celebrations,
And no more collaborations,
No more diners in candle light,
No more...

A year's passed by...
And I still miss you...

 a years passed by and I still miss you,
Like a child misses their mommy,
A boy misses their toy,
I miss you...

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