How far

You where so close,
Last friday and saturday night,
I wished our eyes met,
Like they did before,
I wished we talked,
We laughed, we where us,
But there is no more of that,
The shine worn off,
Not all that's left,
Is rusted old and broken,
But someday,
Maybe tomorrow,
Maybe in a few years,
When you open up,
My debute book,
You'll read the authors note,
Saying "Look how far we've come..."
For you,
You where so close,
I was so close,
We both where so close,
To be us,
So close,
Don't you see...
How far we've come?

Someday when our lives differ, when I live somewhere
old vintage and colourfull, And you'll be what you've always been.
Excellent in whatever, Maybe you'll wonder,
Think of me, Read these words,
And realize...
How far we've come...

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