Something, Maybe?

I know I m not ready,
For anything like this,
But if there is a hurry,
I would not pass the kiss,
I'd take it all,
Go for the jump,
Rather then the fall,
I'd go in the deep,
Without any safe word,
Or ropes or nets,
I'd give it all up,
On someone I had never known,
Who I might not ever know,
Someone that could have been,
On the background,
For my whole life,
You and I,
Could've passed each other,
Without ever noticing,
And now there is just,
This might be ever could have become,
A something...

You make me wanne be with you,
Instead of alone,
When all I love is being all by myself,
Prove my heart right,
Maybe make this something,
Our little thing.

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