Lucky one's

Please, Just speak out,
The words you're eyes are telling me,
For I can see what they are trying to say,
But I don't know if that's okay?
Okay with me, With my heart,
I'm just fine, But I'm scared that you'll make my heart drown,
Cause every time I look at you,
I can feel I'm falling further down,
And there is no stopping me now,
So come closer, Sweep me off my feet,
Knock me down, Pick me up,
Love me, Like you used to do,
This time please don't break my heart,
I only ask you to hold me,
A love that comes back around,
So many times is a love that has,
Never left heart nor mind,
We're the lucky one's,
Oh yes we are the lucky one's.

We're the lucky ones...

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