Sunday, December 14, 2014

People we can't have...

I always find myself,
In these strange situations,
Where I fall in love,
With someone I can't have,
Either they have a girlfriend,
Are ten thousand miles away,
Or untouchable for a great number,
Or other reasons,
But hey, I'm a dreamer,
So I'll be statisfied by the daydreams,
That seem so real and full of life,
That reality begins to fade,
She asked me,
"How come always you, like this,
Like never someone in reach?!
You silly.."
So sweet she thinks it's something that,
Happens to me,
Cause it's not,
It's more by choice,
I am so scared to be ready to,
Give away every secret that I own,
Give someone a look inside my heart and soul,
That I'd rather fall in love with those I can not have,
Then to try to make something out of what,
Has been there all along,
I am just to scared,
But in the end,
Don't we all fall in love with those we can't have?

But in the end,
Don't we all fall in love,
With those we can't have?

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