Sunday, December 14, 2014


It was so strange,
To see without sound,
You moving around,
In this new life,
That does not include me,
Strange... Definitely.

It was so wrong,
To think without thought,
You might have bought,
Her role as truth,
Not my speaking as prove,
Wrong... Definitely.

It was so vage,
To start all over,
Like you never had a lover,
In a new place,
Where there is limited space,
Vage... Definitely.

It was so strange,
To see you go black and blue,
When I always knew,
One day you'll be losing all,
Quite a fall,
 Definitely.Strange, so strange...

Not to be part,
Of you're life,
I know by heart,
Now that you're...
Someone I used to know.

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