Only to be caught

There's this friend I have,
To call my own,
One so well known,
That I can not recall,
Her not being in my memories,
And all of my favorite stories,
Wheter it was about clubbing,
Or about going to a movie,
Late summer night talks,
Nor dining or bus rides,
She always knows how to make a night,
Filled with so much light,
I have been thinking about this,
For quite some time,
Thinking if I could make this trait,
Also one of mine,
But I think I really think,
It's not to be taught,
It's only to be caught,
And it most surely has caught my eye,
So without any reason why,
And without doubt I must say,
That in whatever kind of way,
She could make everyone's day,
It's something special just from her,
So this one's for you, thank you,
For being nothing else,
Then that what I'm fond of about you,
For being you.

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