Saturday, March 7, 2015

Different timing

Thought about you,
And me,
About us more,
Or all that we're not,
This thing we tried,
To turn into a fling,
It left me stranded,
But now I've landed,
On the answers,
We had absolutely no timing,
Always mining,
To find the one thing,
We where missing,
It wasn't anyone's fault,
Only faith,
We missed out so many moments,
To meet each other,
Ever single year,
I never understood,
How it could be,
So randomly, so coincidental,
But it was only because...
We had no timing,
We where not only a coincident,
We where and accident,
Never where we supposed to meet,
Yet we did,
Oh how we did...

You saw this view a year earlier, same things, people, places and thoughts,
Yet different timing...

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